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Northampton Borough Council
Notice in effect from 01 January 2012 until 01 January 2020
The Northamptonshire County Council (Public Footpath HW17 (Part) - Northampton)

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Northamptonshire County Council have made an Order the effect of which is to temporarily prohibit pedestrians from proceeding along that length of Public Footpath HW17 in the Borough of Northampton as specified below. Access to land or premises adjacent to the said length of footpath is unaffected. RIGHT OF WAY TO WHICH RESTRICTION APPLIES: The path to be closed is HW17 in the Borough of Northampton. The existing route to be closed begins at Point A on the Order Map at National Grid Reference (NGR) SP 72236 58596. The route then travels generally south following the towpath of the Grand Union canal for 943 metres to Point B at NGR SP 72577 57737. The route is shown by a solid black line between points A – B. REASONS FOR RESTRICTION: The restriction is required in the interest of health and safety to allow upgrading works to the existing towpath. PERIOD OF CLOSURE: The proposed Order will come into effect on 25th June 2012 and will continue in force for a period of six months. An application may be made for the approval of the Secretary of State for Transport for the Order to be extended if this proves necessary. However, the restriction specified will have effect only at such times and to such an extent as is indicated by the display of notices. ALTERNATIVE ROUTE: There is no suitable alternative route. Dated this 21st day of June 2012 QUENTIN BAKER Director of Legal Services PKG/ROW/032 If you require any further information please contact George Massingham on 01604 364346.
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