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Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council 
Notice in effect from 21 April 2017 until 27 April 2017
Neath Port Talbot

NOTICE OF CONFIRMATION OF MODIFICATION ORDER WILDLIFE AND COUNTRYSIDE ACT 1981 NATIONAL PARKS AND ACCESS TO THE COUNTRYSIDE ACT, 1949 SURVEY OF RIGHTS OF WAY DEFINITIVE MAP NEATH PORT TALBOT COUNTY BOROUGH COUNCIL COMMUNITY OF NEATH MODIFICATION ORDER NO. 1/17, 2017 On the 11th April, 2017 the Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council confirmed the above-named Order. The effect of the Order is to modify the Definitive Map and Statement for the area by adding to them that length of footpath commencing on Afan Road opposite the junction of Ash Grove and Pine Grove ( Grid ref SS 764962) and proceeding in a generally north westerly direction for 125 metres across Cimla Common before passing through the woods in a predominantly northerly direction for 385 metres to cross Preswylfa brook via the footbridge. The path proceeds in a more north north westerly direction for 405 metres before continuing in a westerly direction for 210 metres then in north westerly direction for 245 metres via the Memorial Gates to terminate at Beechwood Avenue. (Grid ref SS 757971). In addition that length of path which forms a circular route commencing at the car park at the “The Pond” and bearing in a northerly direction before curving in an easterly and then north easterly direction for 395 metres to pass alongside Gnoll Lodge, then over the dam wall in a generally easterly direction for 390 metres passing to the north of the entrance to Preswylfa Farm. The path then turns in a generally south easterly direction for 385 metres then southerly direction for 120 metres. The path divides (Grid ref SS 770969), one branch proceeding in an east south easterly direction for 130 metres to join “The Meadows “via a small ditch, (grid ref SS 771968). The other branch continuing in a generally west south westerly direction along the south side of Preswylfa Farm for 860 metres to re join the path some 65 metres north north west of the first mentioned footbridge. In addition a 25 metres spur path from this southern route (Grid ref SS 763967) proceeding in a south south westerly direction to join the footbridge. Two spur paths leave this “southern” route (Grid ref SS 767968) which passes to the south of Preswylfa Farm, one 40 metres in length and the other 30 metres in length, which merge before proceeding in a south easterly direction in length, which merge before proceeding in a south easterly direction via a footbridge for another 30 metres to the cul de sac of Woodside Avenue. A copy of the Order as confirmed and the map contained in it has been deposited and may be inspected free of charge at the offices of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council, The Civic Centre, Port Talbot between 10.00am and 4.00pm Mondays to Fridays. Copies of the Order may be brought there at the price of £1.00. The Order became operative as from 11th April 2017 but if a person aggrieved by the Order desires to question its validity on the grounds that it is not within the power of Section 53 or 54 or that any of the requirements of Section 15 have not been complied with in relation to the Order, he may, within 42 days from the date of publication of this Notice, make an application to the High Court. Dated this 21st day of April , 2017. D.Michael, Head of Legal Services, Civic Centre, Port Talbot. TM Ref: 225191155-01
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